Is Plantar fasciitis causing my limp?

If you’re trying to diagnose your own limp, well, you’re not alone. Sometimes, finding and arriving at your own answers can feel quite empowering, especially if the problem is causing you discomfort and debilitation.  The ankle joint is said to withstand up to five times your body weight in normal walking and up to thirteen […]

Osteoarthritis: Physical therapy for hip and knee pain

Osteoarthritis: Physical therapy for hip and knee pain

You’re no spring chicken, you have to make your peace with that.” Is that the response you got from a dismissive-someone when you described your hip or knee pain? Have you gone so far as to believing that about yourself?  If you woke up with stiffness in your hip and knee, maybe even some creaking […]

4 things to expect on your first Physiotherapy appointment

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Be it a dentist, a doctor’s appointment or a physiotherapy appointment, there is just something about seeing a medical professional that can be slightly unsettling.   Maybe this is your first time and you are not sure what to expect.   Maybe you had physiotherapy before and because you haven’t seen much progress you want to switch […]

Challenging six misconceptions about Physiotherapy

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Ignorance is bliss? Try saying that to someone in pain or recovering from an injury!   When it comes to your body and health, information is power. Specifically, truth and facts can empower you to take charge of your health.   Misconceptions can be likened to pesky parasites that invade your mind and stop you from taking […]